Practical Business Solutions On and OFF the Net

Public Relations encompasses all aspects of business, from opening the front door to your employees tweets.

Let Net Media Consultant advise your company on how you benefit from Public Relations.  Sit down with us for a review of your marketing and public relations.  Your business accountant will thank you.


• Public Relations

Working with mainsteam media, whether TV, radio or print, we tell your story and your company's story.  For More Information:

• Social Media

Using attraction marketing with guerilla marketing tactics, we are white hat social media gurus that get your message to your audience without mainstream media.  For More Information:

• Internet Services

Internet services used to mean building a website, now it encompasses everything you do on the internet, connecting the things you do on the internet and monetizing your internet properties.  For More Information:

• Creative Services

We put our ideas, writing and multi media know how to work for you and your project.  For More Information: